Sell No Shaft Computerrized High Speed Printing Slotter

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KING of No Shaft XHKNS 100-57 Computerized High Speed Printing Slotter adopts computerized control no shaft transmission. The auto adjustment with multi-directions is rather quick and convenient through presetting the data. After the board is transmitted through the machine, the following prosesses paper feed, printing. pressing, and slotting and cutting can be completed at once at the speed of 250 sheets per minutes.
1) Through the combinationof mighty vacuum suction and the strap intervals, realizing foreside paper feed without the effect of the thickneww and bending of the board.
2) The wind rate setting based on adjustment by frequency variation to adapt to various cardboards.
3) With static elimination equipment and vacuum suction to improve printing quality.
4) The positions offront, side and post bar and the intervals of paper feed through front bar can be adjusted automatically by presetting data.
5) The equipment of double tracks leading the steel roll minimizes the deflection of the cardboard.
6) Skip paper feed device with every other page feed operation.
1) Self-driven printing roll ensures the printing uniterror with in 0.4mm
2) Self-driven reticulate roll enable to choose the printing roll of dif erent thickneww from 3.2mm to 7.2mm without re-striction
3) The whole printing process is positioned by vacuum to enable the presision of the overprint.
4) The interval of pressing roll, pressure of reticulate roll and block and the thickneww of the block can be preset with auto adjustment.
5) With the combination of knife and ceramic reticulate roll, options for reticulate roll configurations from 165 lines to 500 lines, the quality is perfect as offset point.
6) With heating and drying equipment after cardboard printing to realizing high-speed printing.
7) With computerized menory, the phasing of each unit can be adjusted and combined with random, auto zero adjustment and auto reset.
1) All kinds of cardbord can be cut.
2) The cushion at the die cutting position is equipped with automatic compensating device to correct the die cutting deviationdue to wear and menwhile the shaft can be adjusted wihtin 50mm by automatic transverse movement.
3) The die cutting wheel cn be adjusted within 20mm by transverse movement.
4) The cushion automatic compensating device.
1) The double pressing track equipment avoids the crack of folding the cardboard.
2) The double slotting shortens the changing time between small case and big case; No need to change the knife producing the big case; improving the height of the case.
3) Recalling the orginal position and slotting can preset.
4) The adjustment of pressing and slotting move led by precise combinatin to ensure the precise position of pressing and slotting and the endurance of knife
1) The human operating interface realizes simplification and security.
2) Auto operating deviceutilizes in the whole manufacturing process.
3) Two controlling systems ofstore both with auto data control and manual supervision.
4) Having order duplication memory system (with 10000 orders) , greatly shortening the time of order.
5) All the adjusted data, including in paper-feed, pressing, slotting and cutting, is memorized in the order for the next time.
6. Piler
1) Stripper arm can be operated in inching or automatic mode
2) Stripper arm belt to be independently adjusted for degree or tightness
3) Collection platform elevation to be driven by strong chains
4) Collection platfrom inclination height to be adjusted with the carton stack height and the elevation mator incorporating
5) electric braking function to keep the platform stable
6) Stripper carrier acting afterward by carrying carboards with automatically stretching collection plate when the card-boards are stacked u to the preset height
7) Stacking height is 1600mm