Sell No-benzene PU paint series

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Item No. : TP-5001

Product description
Hard, durable PU paint suitable for wood flooring, furniture etc.
Dries quickly to give a very hard finish.

Recommended use
Wood work, Furniture, Antiques.


Technical information
Finish & color: Crystal clear, matt clear, semi-matt clear, transparent, extra-clear transparent, etc for your choice.
Viscosity: 18000~30000 cps @ 25 degree centigrade
Solid by volume: 60~65percent
Solid by weight: 65~70percent
Specific gravity: 1.10g/cm3+0.5
Theoretical spreading rate: 15square meter/kg
Rigidity: No less than 2H
Surface dry: Less than 20 minutes
Complete dry: Less than 4 hours
*The theoretical spreading rate has been calculated for the stated volume solids and dry film thickness. A practical spreading rate will depend on the actual dry film thickness, the nature of the substrate, and the relevant consumption factor. The above technical information is subject to normal manufacturing tolerances.

Application details
Application method: Brush or conventional spray
Paint: Hardener: Thinner=1: 0.5 : 1
Note: Different item has different hardener, and price will vary for each item.

Surface condition
Free from dirt, grease, wax, etc. and without possibility of contacting with water, acid and alkali.

Storage & packing
Storage: This product must be stored in dry space provided with adequate ventilation at 25 centigrade & 65percent R. H.
Packing: 3L(PU paint) , 2L(Hardener) , 3L(Thinner)
Carton dimension: 0.0146CBM
Net weight: 5kgs
Gross weight: 6.3kgs
Shelf life: One year from production date with can tightly closed.

Health & safety
Ingredients may cause irritation to the skin after prolonged use, use a suitable barrier cream and wash hands carefully at the end of each sift avoid eye contact. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. Accidental ingestion should be treated for solvents. Dont induce immediately. Keep out of children.
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