Sell No-needle Mesotherapy Machine

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System Characteristics:
1. No-needle mesotherapy works more effective by customizing the cosmetic solution according to characteristic of specific skin.
2. No-needle mesotherapy uses the latest bio-tech production technology to select the small molecular weight ingredient that can be rapidly absorbed by skin.
3. No-needle mesotherapy features over 1000 times of absorption rate comparing with ordinary cosmetic products by using ultra micropenetration technology with which effective nutrimental ingredients can directly reach the most demanding part of the skin.
4. Mesotherapy produces long lasting efficacy, thanks to th unique bio-packet technology that carries the biologically active ingredients into skin cells via capillaries, and gradually release them to continuously stimulate the cell rejuvenation for lively and youthful skin.
Model: HF-701
Treatment Range:
1. Dissolve fat quickly
2. Remove wrinkle safely
3. Reduce cellulite
4. Skin whitening and spots removal
5. Complement water and keep moisture
6. Restore skill
Technical Specifications:
Ouput voltage: 200V
Output frequency: 10-1000Hz
Output duty cycle: 0.1-0.9
Control mode: 7 Inch Color Touch LCD
Power supply: AC110V/3A/60Hz AC220V/1.5A/50Hz