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Specification parameter
Network frequency: GSM/ GPRS/ WCDMA/ EDGE;850/900/1800/1900/2100MHz
can choose color: Black, silvery
Size/ physical volume: 95.4*50*23.4mm
Heigh : 134 G
Screen parameter: 260,000 color TFTcolorful screen;416*352 pixels,2.1 inches;
The WAP get to the Internet: The support flies
Appear on market time: 2006
The standard install: Lithium battery(820 mAhs of Bs BL-5s) , chargers AC-4s, data CA-53 line, high fidelity headphones of HS-23, the 128 MB mini SD card, CD of CD- ROM, the audio frequency AD-15 conversion head, manual, the hand rope etc.
Memory capacity: 40MB
The multi-media card expand: Support tallest amount to the 2 GBs of heat put to pull out the card of mini SD, allow the in hand machine of customer to amount to 1000 pieces high quantity pictures more in the storage
camera head: Inside place
camera pixel: 3,200,000 pixels; Vice- shoot to be like 300,000 pixels of head
Spread the feeling machine type: CMOS
Flash light: Inside place; The Flash LED repairs the light light
Become the burnt mode: 20 multiple codes become burnt
The video frequency take: Support
The video frequency broadcast: Support the MPEG4 AVC decoding, can broadcast the video frequency of the high quantity to flow the medium
MP3 Player : Inside place; Support the MP3, AAC, the MPEG4 Player, be rated as is a numerical music player
Radio: Inside place; High fidelity frequency modulation radio, the support video broadcast, the customer can pass interactive information channel at the time of accepting to listen to music, watching related song and the singer's informations
Browser of WWW: The mini panorama that supports the web page browse. Zoom to all browse the function through a translucent web page, the customer can keep the view ground to find out all corners at the time of seeing the web page original
The data line connects: USB 2.0
WIFI: Support the Wi- Fi