Sell Nomex, PPS, P84, Aramid Needle Felt

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 Nomex Needle Felt
The characteristics of ZH Metamax needle felt: high temperature (204-2040) , anti-acid, anti-alkali, high filtration blow speed, low pressure drop, anti-break, and anti-abrasion, but it easily be hydrolyzed in the condition of high temperature, which mostly applied in steel factory, carbon black, cement, power plant, etc.
 PPS Needle Felt
PPS needle punched filter felt temperature is 190-2100, which is the best filter medium for anti-acid, anti-alkali, hydrolysis resistant, but it is not good at anti-oxidant, and applied in waste incinerator, electric station boiler, industry boiler and so on.
 P84 (Polyimide) Needle Felt
P84 Needle Felt characteristics: high temperature resistance, good chemistry resistance, good air permeability, high filtration efficiency, but the price is high. It mostly applied in cement kiln, waste incinerator, etc
 Aramid Needle Felt
We adopted native high grade Aramid fiber and advanced punch technology to produce Armid high temperature resistance filter felt. It has high service temperature and is better than PET and Acrylic, etc. in chemistry resistance presenting similar index to that of Dupons Nomex.
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