Sell Non- solvent epoxy coating

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1. Product profile
Have solvent surround oxygen coating mainly in order to modify epoxy resin as mainly becoming the membrane thing, utilize active dilution to increase tough pharmaceutical to realize having no solvent. Entrust to coating good glueing the relay, excellent chemical stability and mechanical performance.
2. Function characteristic
A. The joining of the flaky packing of scale not only can improve the mechanical performance of the coating, but also can play a going to the good coating to shield role, have good antiseptic function.
B. There are no solvents the complete network of surrounding coating of oxygen solidify the pharmaceutical viscosity low, the coating has good antiseptic performance after solidifying, hardness toughness and density. Have relatively more suitable service time and solidify time.
C. This coating has been also improved a lot in glueing the relay, toughness, assaults the intensity, are able to bear the intensity of stripping besides having fine and insulating, excellent chemical stability. There is no solvent to volatilize while constructing, become membrane degree and can reach above 200 5 m once, there is no needle hole disadvantage. Save the energy, protect the environment.
3. Apply range
Have solvent surround oxygen coating have intensity to be heavy, solid content high, anticorrosion of good performance, construction process simple having numerous advantages such as environmental pollution. Apply to urban pipeline antiseptic, bury pipeline antiseptic mending mouthing, elbowing, in charge of body person who bury antiseptic serious antiseptic field of overhauling etc. of the pipeline extensively at present.