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There are six types of non dairy creamer products respectively used in coffee, formula milk, milk tea, ice creamer, cereal and bakery foods.

1. Non dairy creamer can provide food with full-bodied milk taste and long-lasting flavor;
2. Non dairy creamer increases milk fragrance and grease to make the taste more exquisite and thickened and rich in milk smell that can be used for coffee products, instant cornmeal, cakes and biscuits and so on;
3. Non dairy creamer can improve the inner buildup of food to make the cake more exquisite and keep the moisture and improve the elasticity, and when used for biscuits, it can increase the crispness and make it not easy to be oiled.
4. Non dairy creamer has excellent compatibility and strong milk feeling and can take the place of milk powder or decrease the dosage of milk in food processing industry, accordingly under the precondition of keeping the quality of product, it lowers down the production cost.

After this product is added:
1. it can increase the final fragrance and flavor of food and hide the bad odor of food, such as the beany smell in soy milk, raw smell in peanut milk, and water smell in milk drinks.
2. it can decrease the dosage of fresh milk or milk powder, cream and milk essence powder.
3. it can give product a special mellow milk taste and flavor and produce even and satiated taste with a full-bodied mouth touch and infinitude aftertaste as well as long-lasting fragrance.

NDC for Coffee: fat: 20%-60%; protein: 2.0%-5.0%
NDC for Formula Milk: fat: 35%-80%; protein: 2.0%-4.5%
NDC for Milk Tea: fat: 28%-50%; protein: 2.0%-4.5%
NDC for Ice Creamer: fat: 27%-80%; protein: 2.0%-6.0%
NDC for Cereal: fat: 25%-50%; protein: 1.5%-4.5%
NDC for Bakery Food: fat: 30%-80%; protein: 2.0%-5.0%

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