Sell Non-Ionic Polyacrylamide

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We can supply you with Non-Ionic Polyacrylamide from China.

The non-ionic polyacrylamide is the acrylyl monomer homopolymer, after makes grain, dry, smash, the product appearance assumes the white tiny pellet or the powdery solid.


Appearance: white pellet, powder
Solid content: More than 88%
Molecular weight: 500-1000
Ion characteristic: Non-Ionic
Suitable PH scope: 1-9
Remaining monomer: Less than 0.5%

Packing storage and transport:: Use the 25kg lining model weaves bag or the paper models and compound bag packing. Also may according the users request packing. When storage and transportation, please pay attention to heatproofing, moisture-proof. The product of dried powder shall absorb the moisture to agglomerate if it exposes to the air for a long time. The stack layer not surpass 20. The period of validity is 2 years

Minimum order: 20 FCL

Payment method: T/T with 30% deposit and 70% at sight.

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Minimum Order Quantity
20 FCL
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