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We are professional solar and recycling energy manufacturer and supplier in china, our product line including non-pressure series solar water heater (one pipe inlet-outlet/two pipe inlet-outlet solar water heater) , pressure series solar water heater (Pre-heated solar water heater/Pressurized solar water heater/Double tank solar water heater) , Split solar water heater (U pipe type solar collector/Heat pipe type solar collector/Split pressurized water tank/The accessories) , All-glass evacuated solar collector tubes, solar collector manifold, glass evacuated tubes and heat pipe and so on. Our company is No.1 in china solar industry export since 2004 and we also can supply OEM service for you.
This product is the Non-Pressure Series Solar water heater:
One Pipes Inlet-Outlet type
The characteristic of this solar water heater:
1) The design of this type uses the all-glass evacuated solar collector tubes as the heat-absorb element.
2) Easy plug-in installation
3) Outer tank material: stainless steel plate or powder coated color steel sheet
The material of this solar water heater:
1) Inner tank:stainless steel SUS304-0.5mm
2) Vacuum tube:QB-AL-N/AL-47-1500/58-1800
3) Outer tank:painted steel-0.4mm/aluminum-zinc coated steel-0.45mm/stainless steel SUS304
4) insulation:polyurethane 50mm/60mm
5) Frame:coated galvanized steel-1.5mm/stainless steel SUS430-1.5mm
6) Reflector of this solar water heater:aluminum component/stainless steel
The Principle of this solar energy water heater can get from us.
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