Sell Non-Stick Kabob Basket with Skewers

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Easy to turn six full kabobs all at once with the Charcoal Companion Non-stick Kabob Basket. Load each of the skewers with your favorite kabob foods, lay the filled skewers on the frame, latch in place and place on grill. Long handle keeps hands away for heat. One flip turns all skewers at one time.

Kabobs are a mouth-watering addition to the grilling experience, but they can be a mess to flip, especially when food sticks to the grill or falls off the ends. This nonstick kabob basket from Charcoal Companion is a really cool (or should that be hot?) solution. It clamps down on the six included skewers and has a long handle, enabling the most uncoordinated griller to flip all the kabobs at once without burning fingers or losing a single tender morsel. The skewers are shaped to prevent them--and the food--from spinning. Tender food such as fish and chicken won't stick to the grill because the basket holds the skewers about 1-1/2 inches above the surface.

Non-stick Kabob basket is easy to use and clean. This item offers you the ability to make and turn six kabobs simultaineously. Includes basket and six skewers.
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