Sell Non-Stick Shaker Basket W/ Lid

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Grill fresh seasonal vegetable enhances their natural flavors, giving them a sweet, smoky character all their own. Place vegetable in non-stick Charcoal Companion Shaker Basket, latch lid, and using the Removable Handle place the basket on the grill. You can remove the handle to close the lid and quickly and easily reattach to "shake 'm up". The perfect accessory for every griller.

When grilling large chunks of meat and vegetables, the Non-Stick Shaker Basket is the easiest, most hassle-free way to reach perfection. Made of durable metal, this basket features a non-stick coating for easy cooking and clean up. The rosewood handle keeps food at the perfect grilling level without sacrificing your fingers and hands. Just fill the basket with your favorite foods and grill until done. The detachable lid keeps your food safely inside until you're ready to enjoy. The grate is properly spaced to allow perfect cooking while keeping your food from falling through.
 Durable metal construction
 Non-stick coating for easy cooking and cleaning
 Rosewood handle keeps hands safe
 Detachable lid keeps food inside
 Grate keeps food from falling through
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