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This sheet is composed of fibres of high temperature resistance and fine chemical stability. It is adhered by sythetc adhesive and nonstick agent is applied on surface. It has an outstanding creep resistance under high temperature and heavy load. It creats a reliable sealing basis. The product has a flexible resistance, fatigue resistance, high tensile strength. It is very easy in use. so it eliminates asbestos rubber sheet essentially and thoroughly. Specification: 1.5m x 1 m, 1.5 x 1.35m, 1.5 x 2m, 1.5 x4m, Thickness: 0.5-5mm Working pressure: 100 bar Working temperature Black: 400~(3; Blue: 370~C Compressibility (ASTM F36) : 7 - 17% Recovery(DASTM 13 16Hrs-300?-50N/mm ) ' 20N/mr Gas infiltration (DIN3535/4) : 0.5ml/min Immersion in ASTM oi1#3 under 5Hrs/150~C Immersion of 50% Nitric-Acid and 65% sulfuric-Acid under 48Hrs/23? Tehsile strength: 8N/mm Density (DI N3754 ) 1.8g / cm PH value: 2 - 12