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Non-asbestos Sheet GREAT Non-asbestos sheet is made from Kevlar fiber, natural rubber, filling material and dye , comprssed and calendered under high temperature into a sheet form. it eliminates asbestos-rubber sheet essentially and thoroughly. Oil-Resisting Non-asbestos Sheet GREAT oil-resisting non-asbestos sheet is made from Kevlar fiber, synthetic rubber, filling material and dey, compressed and calendered underhigh temperature and pressure into a sheet form, it eliminates asbestos-rubber sheet essentially and thoroughly.


Item Style
332RO 333RO 334RO
g/cm3 1.8~2.0 1.8~2.0 1.8~2.0
Tensile strength >=Mpa 6 9 12.5
>=% 1215 1215 1215
>=% 40 45 45
coefficient 0.9 0.9 0.9
Stress relaxation <=% 45 45 45
Steam Sealing Tmax: 2000
Pmax: 2~3Mpa
no shock Tmax: 3000
Pmax: 4~5Mpa
no shock Tmax: 4000
Pmax: 8~9Mpa
no shock
Tmax: 0 200 300 400
Pmax: Mpa 1.5 3.0 5.0
to media Oil fuel, gases, salt solutions and many other media.

Normal colour: Black with some white, Blue or Green-white etc.
Available with tin steel, copper, SS304 etc. wire mesh insertion (33*ROM)
Also available with anti-stick (33*ROS) or graphite coating (33*ROG)
With your logo on request.


Thickness: 0.4~5mm
2000W1500mm; 1500W4000mm;1500W1500mm;
1500W1000mm;1270W1270mm; 3810W1270mm