Sell Non-cyanide copper plating PNCC-8000

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The PNCC-8000 solution is an alkaline based and cyanide-free copper plating
process for metals like brass, tin and lead alloy, steel, iron, zinc diecasting and
zincated aluminium.
It is a safe and environmental friendly process replacing the highly toxic cyanidebased
copper plating solution. It is cheap and easy to treat as compared to the high
cost of treating the copper cyanide waste. Also the accidental drag-in of PNCC-
8000 into an acid copper solution poses no health hazards whereas any drag-in into
a cyanide bath caused the evolution of highly poisonous hydrogen cyanide gas. The
solution does not have to be treated for carbonates as with cyanide solutions.
The process is capable of excellent throwing and covering power and the resultant
deposits from this process is better than those from the cyanide solution. The
process is also capable of plating thick, smooth, ductile, adherent, fine-grain copper
deposits directly onto the above mentioned metals. The plated copper may be easily
buffed to a high luster, readily blacken or oxidised for a variety of attractive antiqued
The solution can be used in rack or barrel applications and also as a strike prior to
the application of acid copper, nickel or chromium. It is ideal for the masking of steel
parts prior to heat treatment and decorative copper plating application for buttons
and rivets.
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