Sell Non-glare (Anti-reflective) Glass

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In addition to supplying clear glass to the framing industry, Glasus processes and supplies Non-flare (Anti-reflection) Picture Frame Glass as well.

Non-glare Glass is an acid etched glass that creates a fine texture in surface of the glass. Light striking the surface is diffused by the irregularities, reducing the apparent glare. The surface of Non-glare glass has a matte-like finish. Used by picture framers, museums and photographers, it helps protect and preserve the integrity of artwork as well as showcasing the intended beauty of the art itself.


1. Practically invisible and distortion free.

2. Eliminates unsightly, annoying reflections.

3. Enhances the color, beauty and texture of artwork.

4. Easy to clean - just spray with ammonia-free cleaner and wipe

Standard specification:

2mm Non-glare float glass for quality picture framing


Non-glare (Anti-reflection) glass for photo and picture frame industry:

1. Double sided acid etched non-glare glass

2. Single sided acid etched non-glare glass

Custom cut sizes could be supplied as per your requirements.

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