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Description:Made of continuous filament texturized yarns, they demonstrate a better insulating properties and greater fullness. Insulating properties depend upon conductivity and radiation and these are influenced by the fabric construction. Normal for removable insulation covers, fiber blankets, fire curtains, expansion joints and flue ducts. CAZ-GF220AL is texturized glassfiber cloth with Aluminium.

Texturized Glass fiber Cloth

Style No. Thickness (mm) Weight (g/m2) Weight (oz/y2) Width (m) Weave
GF2080 0.80 600 18 1.0-1.8 Plain
GF2100 1.00 800 24 1.0-2.0 Plain
GF2150 1.50 1000 30 1.0-2.0 Plain
GF2200 2.00 1250 36 1.0-2.0 Plain
GF2300 3.00 1800 52 1.0-2.0 Plain

Temp. : 5500
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