Sell Nonductive Resistor

Nonductive Resistor You May Also Be Interested In: inductance value insulating coating
Instead of printing color codes on the resistors, we mark our logo, production date, resistor value and wattage to the surface of the resistor, so it is easy to read and is traceable.

1 flameproof and insulating coating designed to assure safe usage
2 stable long service life.
3 small size are good for high density application
4 very low inductance value

NWU1/2 W 0.05ohm---22ohm
NWS1W 0.05ohm---22ohm
NWU1W 0.05ohm---47ohm
NWS2W 0.05ohm----47ohm
NWU2W 0.05ohm----100ohm
NWS3W 0.05ohm-----100ohm
NWU3W 0.05ohm------220ohm