Sell Nonwoven Cohesive Flexible Bandage(Cowin)

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Cowin is an economical, hand-tear, self-adhering elastic bandage. It is soft, easily applied, sticks only to itself and allows skin to breath. It can be used in many of the situations where you could use an elastic bandage. It is lighter and more comforming
to your shape.

 Latex adhesive
 Sticks to itself, does not stick to hair, skin, clothing, no clips or fasteners
 Soft, breathable and comfortable
 Easy hand tearable, no scissors needed, easy readjustment and removal
 Provide controlled compression with no slips support, apply properly to
avoid cutting circulation
 Stable and reliable cohesiveness
 Good tensile strength and elasticity
 Water resistent
 Economical price

Item Size Color Packing(rolls/box)
CN01 2.5cm x 450cm white/tan/ Red/Dark Blue/Green/Yellow 24
CN02 5cm x 450cm 12
CN03 7.5cm x 450cm 12
CN04 10cm x 450cm 12
CN06 15cm x 450cm 12