Sell Noritsu, Konica, Fuji lens

Noritsu, Konica, Fuji lens You May Also Be Interested In: fuji frontier 330 fuji lens mini lab machine
Star China made new Lens for the Mini-lab machine, NO order QTY limited.

135Lens(different type and size)
8UP lens (42.6 x28.2mm or 39x26mm)
6UP lens (42.6 x28.2mm or 39x26mm)
4UP lens (60 x40mm or 53.3x35.5mm)
2UP lens (89 x63mm or 81x54mm)
135lens or 120lens different type and size:
5 inch (89x127)
6 inch (102x152)
7 inch (127 x178)
8 inch (152 x203)
10 inch (203 x254)
12 inch (203 x305)
15 Inch (203 x381)
18 Inch(305 x 458)

China made Paper magazine EX China warehouse
QSS1201/1701 paper magazine
QSS1501 paper magazine 8
QSS2301 paper magazine
QSS2611/2600 paper magazine
QSS2901 paper magazine
QSS3202/3201 paper magazine
QSS3001 paper magazine
QSS3300 paper magazine
Konica808 paper magazine
Fuji258/250/257 paper magazine
Fuji140/170 paper magazine
Fuji Frontier 330/340/350/370
Agfa MSC 100/101/200
Konica R2 8 / 12
Konica R2 dual paper magazine

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