Sell Norwegian Blue Fox 100% Fur Pelts American Government Inspected

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Norwegian Blue Fox

Description: Purchased in Copenhagen. 4 XL Norwegian Blue Fox. These are Saga Royal Label, considered to be the finest blue fox in the world. Super Heavy, dense fur. X Bright Color, X Silky. Pelts average 57" - 61" from tip of nose to tip of tail. Almost 2 feeet wide across hips. Just gorgeous! Fresh commercial garment tanned. Very soft & stretchy leather. Case skinned.

Weight 1.2 pounds (very large for fox fur pelt)

Licensed By United States Government Wildlife Agency

Listed by United States Financial & Credit Rating Service: Dun & Bradstreet

Listed by United States Consumer Protection Service: Better Business Bureau

Also available pelts of mink, sable, marten, red fox, silverfox, arctic fox, cross fox, wolverine, arctic timber fox, muskrat, Fisher, Otter, Nutria, raccoon, Coyote, weasel, ermine, skunk, cougar, mountain lion, bear, grizzly bear

Also available taxidermy mounts furr life and rugs and tapestries and bedspreads made of fur. Write us for details and pictures.

We ship world wide with delivery within 7 days.

Brand Name
Palms Polar Fur
Supply Capacity
28,000 per month
United States Government
Available Colors
light white blue
Condition of Goods
61 x 24 x 3
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
Terms of Payment
T/T, credit card-paypal, check
Terms of Sale
c.i.f. worldwide
Warranty Coverage
United States Government Wildlife Service