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Product Features
1. Double-layer super static filter! Super
adsorptive power! Block the allergen!
The product utilizes super static filter which can adsorb
dust and hair sized above 0.26 micrometers and
effectively strain dust, dust mites, second-hand smoke,
virus, mould, pollen, and fluff to prevent the allergy reaction.

2. Double-layer nano silver powder can kill 99.99% of odors and germs! Eliminating virus and bacteria!
Adapted nano silver powder tested and approved by SGS can eliminate virus and bacteria.
With the feature of far-infrared light, nano silver powder can even make breath easier.

3. Lower the chance of getting flu.
It can slow the cold air intake to let the nasal twang have plenty of time to
adjust the temperature in order to reduce any discomfort.

4. Prolong the filtering effect
Static adsorptive effect can reach 5 to 8 hours. It can be applied at anytime
and any places with little effect of daily life.

5.100% perfectly fit your nose to filter air and
disposable. So clean!
Designed with a disposable sticker, easy to use, it is so convenience and clean.
Adopted the medical sticker to reduce irritation creates a perfect result.

6. Double-layer oil adsorptive filter works a wonder on second-hand smoke.
A super static oil adsorptive filter can works a wonder on second-hand
smoke, and can stop inhaling a massive amount of second-hand
smoke into our lungs which will reduce the change to have lung cancer.

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