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Dear:We want to introduce a new product of our company.

A New Type of Plant Nutrient
With the assistance from the Ocean University of China and the IOCAS (Institute of Oceanology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences) and under close supervision of Chinas renowned marine biologists Prof. LIU Wanshun, Prof. BAO Wanyou, and Prof. ZHANG Xuecheng, over a dozen of series and dozens of types of excellent marine health-care products, and novel chemo-control multi-functional nutriment for plant growth have been developed. The plant nutrient is the doses given to the crop like cotton ground nut, vegetables, and fruit crops. It can also be mixed with water and sock the seed before seeding. It have reached the international advanced level of the same kind of research. It is a new generation of green product without contamination.
This new product can regular plant growth and equipoise nutrition, at the same time promote the exploitation of the potential properties of the crop itself, and can improve its resistivity to adverse conditions, ameliorate crop quality and increase its production. It can be widely used on wheat , cotton, vegetables, fruit trees and flowers. On wheat, the output can be increased by between 18.2% and 23.9%; on celery, increased by 72%; on peach,22%; on tea,22%.
Results of many years by comparison of the growth of different fields crops show that this new technology aside from having a performace advantage over the same kind of product from the USA and Israel, while the cost is efficient.
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