Sell NuClad®  calcium silicate board ( asbestos free) alternative to timber

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Soben International Products are asbestos free, non-combustible, easy to use and transport; rot proof, anti-bacterial, resistant to insects and mould growth as well as maintenance friendly. They also possess impact resistance, good chemical resistance, moisture / condensation resistance, small expansion rate and low wastage. Their thermal insulation quality also helps save energy. The majority of its products series conform to various British Standards. All Soben International Boards are ISO9001:2000 (Certificate of Conformity of Quality Management System Certification) and ISO14001:1996 (Environmental Management System Certificate) certified and has obtained Certificate of China Environmental Labelling Products Certification.

Currently, Soben International has the following product ranges:

 Artistic Ceiling  Acoustic Series, Color Series, Textured Series
 DuraPanel Series  DuraPanel, DuraPanel-D
 FirePro. Series  FirePro., FirePro-S.
 PVC Foam Board
 WeatherPan / WeatherPan-S
 WeatherPlank Siding Products  WeatherPlank Panel, WeatherPlank Siding, WeatherTrim
 WeatherPro. Series  WeatherPro., WeatherPro.-CP, WeatherPro.-Flex, WeatherPro.-L,



NuClad. is a high quality calcium silicate architectural board reinforced with selected cellulose fibres and fillers. It is 100% free from asbestos, sepiolite, inorganic fibres or formaldehyde. The board is versatile and suitable for general use of internal and direct weathering applications when used in conjunction with external grade texture finish or other surface coating in new construction or refurbishment projects. It is an economical, non-combustible building board material to replace traditional concrete / clay block or cement-bonded particle board for the construction of non-load bearing elements. Unlike most plywood, cement-bonded particle boards, gypsum boards or magnesium boards, NuClad. is light weight, strong, moisture resistant, will not warp, swell or decay in wet area. The board is manufactured to ISO 9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system, and has obtained the Green Product Label Award issued by National Environment Protection Bureau.

NuClad. is off-white in color and has a smooth finish on one side and a slightly textured reverse. It can be left undecorated or can be easily decorated with skim coat, wallpapers, paints or tiles. It consists of calcium silicate matrix reinforced with selected fibres and special fillers enabling NuClad. to be robust for impact resistance. The board is cured under an autoclaving process where high pressure and steam is induced to ensure a complete chemical reaction to form silicate structure, thus providing the board with excellent dimensional stability, moisture and chemical resistance.

NuClad. contains no water soluble additives and will not rot, degrade or deteriorate. The board will absorb water causing some loss of strength, which is fully recovered on drying. Any staining on the panels caused by leakage can be easily painted over. Moisture will not cause leaching or efflorescence and has no permanent effect on the board.

NuClad. has high water vapour permeability which helps eliminate condensation or water trapped behind the board. It is non-combustible when tested in accordance with BS 476: Part 4. The board provides a degree of thermal insulation and is resistant to continuous operating temperature up to 800C.


NuClad. can be used in a wide variety of building applications. It is easy to handle or work with woodworking tools and easy to decorate. Typical applications include:
 Dismounted dry wall systems and acoustic insulated partitions
 Decorative and moisture resistant ceilings
 Bathroom and shower partitions
 Access panels in wet area
 Backing boards for tiles or marble claddings
 Aesthetic casings to M&E building services
 Industrial wall linings
 Perforated ceilings & wall panels
 Semi-exposed applications such as eaves, soffits and sunscreens
 Parapet linings
 Composite panels
 Perforated finishes
 Semi-exposed applications such as eaves, soffits and sunscreens


(i) General
Soben International products are manufactured from a mixture of Portland cement, silica sand reinforced with natural fibres. Products do not contain asbestos, formaldehyde, gypsum or glass fibre.

(ii) Chemical

(iii) Performance

Density 1150kg/m3 (+/-10%)
Weight (approx. ) 7.20kg/m2 - 6mm
10.80kg/m2 - 9mm
14.40kg/m2 - 12mm
Flexural strength (along grain) 8.0 MPa
Flexural strength (across grain) 11.3 MPa
Moisture movement (ambient to saturated) 0.06%
Water absorption capacity (by weight) 45%
Moisture content Ex works - 18%
In situ - 7%
Sag when suspended at 610mm span <1mm
Thermal conductivity 0.21W/mK
Thermal movement 8 x 10-6 m/m. C
Resistant to continuous heating 800C
Non-combustibility  BS476: Part 4:1970 and GB8624-Grade A Pass
Minimum bending radius Along grain
5200mm for 6mm
7600mm for 9mm
10200mm for 12mm
Sound attenuation (estimate) 30 dB for 6mm board
38 dB for 9mm board
42 dB for 12mm board
Acoustic reduction (over range 100-3150 Hz, estimate)

Average 25 dB
Rw 46 dB for 91mm thick partition
Rw 49 dB for 99mm thick partition
Rw 56 dB for 123mm thick partition
Rw 61 dB for 214mm thick partition