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He is a Colorado Artist who has owned and operated a studio and fine arts foundry for over 25 years. Born in Romania, he began his career as an artist at the age of four, creating drawings, paintings and welded sculptures. At eight years Michail began sculpting. He later defected to Western Germany and studied at the Kunst Academy in Munich, Germany in pursuit of his dreams of artistic freedom.

Michail studied Fine Arts in Germany and Italy, under several great European masters. During this time, he was a student of the 'Lost Wax Casting. ' Now a master of this ancient method of casting, Michail creates his original sculptures in clay, from which a rubber mold is made and ultimately used to bring forth the bronze form, which seems to come alive as it is carefully finished. Bronze is such an unyielding medium, that it is rare to see bronze that suggests freedom and motion;

Being suppressed in a communist regime, Michail's desire to create in liberty and to express himself artistically, led him as a youth from his native Romania to the United States and has inspired his efforts ever since.

Although Michail works is now available in many affordable media, such as Hydro-Stone he is well known for his life-size bronze sculptures. Soon he will be known for creating the tallest monument in the world.

Private collectors and corporations from all over the world enjoy the unique beauty of Michail's limited edition bronzes and hydro-stones. His work can be seen in museums, galleries throughout Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Saudi Arabia and the United States.