Sell Numerical Control Hydraulic Forging Hammer

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C92K Series Numerical Control hydraulic Die Forging Hammer

1. Hit energy controled by digitization, you can set it at well.
2. The hit frequency is high, the hammer head return fast and no close die phenomena.
3. Rhe control system show English word, so people can communicate with the machine.
4. The fault diagnosis system can siagonose the machine automated, this can reduce the analysis of failure reason.
5. The U-Frame and cast steel machine body entirety.
6. We can supply vibration isolation device composed by spring vibration isolator and viscous damping according to the customers requirement, this remove the vibration produced in the working.
7. The X type guide rail structure ensured the good guide and the precision of forgings.
8. The hydraulic liftout device ensured the reliability and stability of mold stripping.

X Type Guide Rail:
When the hammer head id heated and heammer head will expoanded in cross direction, and the guide surface was arranged diagonal line, this wont minimize the small guide clearance because of the temperature rising, so the guide rail clearance is stable in order to ensure the finish forge. Widen ghe guide plate and make arm of force longer, and lessen the specific pressure of guide rail surface when bias-strikign, and lengthen the life of guide plate. the life of hammer rod is longer because of the guide precision of hammer head is high.

1. Increade the regidity on longitudinal, cross directon and dumping of the upright column ; and insuring the accurate guide of hammer head in order to enhance the availability of raw material.
2. Two upright columns are the parts of anvil block, and so that to decrease the weight of whole machine and enhance the blow efficiency.
3. The solid foundry frame makes the noise lower than box type and arch type upright column frame.


1. The intellectualized numerical control system can set the hit energy at will. Not only it doesnt waste energy, but also it can control the oil temperature and lengthen the life of ram, hammer head and , mould.
2. The inner loading of hammer is rich in technical content , and the system is controlled by programmable system. There is no special requirement on the operator, thats only simple operation so that ensuring the stability of hammer quality.
3. This hammer adopted X shape guide rail in order to ensure no ram off, and the rag of forgings is small and even, so that it can enhance the availability and precision og forge piece.
4. The hammer is environmental protection product, and the strong vibration is absorbed by damping device, there is no influence to buildings and people ambient place.
5. This product reached the world advanced level.
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
180 days
Minimum Order Quantity
1 unit
Warranty Coverage
1 year