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Model KB858 is newly developed to meet the needs of hospitals. KB858, which is one of the most advanced Nurse Call Systems in China, has the features of easy installment and operation, various and stable functions. Now it has been widely used in hospitals in China.
Functions and Features
7The KB858 series are interconnected by one single data Bus from master machine to user machines. All the user machines and corridor display panels are connected to the single data Bus.
7One master machine can maintain control of up to 96 user machines.
7The numbers of user machines can be set from the master machine and are changeable.
7The user machine in ward has the functions of both calling and clear two-way communication with the master machine.
7The user machine installed in toilet is water-resistant. It only has the function of calling.
7The ward user machines can send three differerent calls: urgent, special, and normal , which are received at the master machine in three different types of music.
7The corridor alarm lamp is also attached to the single data bus. It flashes when a call is made and keeps flashing until the call is reset by the nurse.
7There are four types of music for option at the master machine, and volume adjustable.
7AA master machine can be attached with 5 auxiliary master machines. It can transfer the calling information to one auxiliary master machine and make it work instead of the master machine.
7The system has self-testing function, which can both detect and show detailed information of system breakdown.
7The phone used in the master machine to speak and set system parameter is just ordinary phone. There is not need to buy a special one.
7Buttons for calling and canceling are separate ones at the user machine, avoiding automatic cancel of repeated callings.
7A master machine can be connected with several corridor display panels. The master machine and the corridor display panels show the calling information simu