Sell Nvidia VGA Card  Geforce 7800 PCI-E 256MB, DDR, 256Bit

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Sunny-NV7800 / Nvidia GeForce 7800 PCI Express TV/DVI


GeForce 7800 PCI Express

Video Output Function

TV-Out (S-Video connector)

DVI Connector

Support Memory

128/256MB, DDR, 256Bit


Key Features

Graphic to Drench Your Senses - the whole new world inside Palit's GeForce 7800 series Graphics Accelerator

The groundbreaking new Palit's GF 7800 graphics accelerator with NVIDIA. GeForce 7800 series GPUs and their revolutionary technologies power worlds where reality and fantasy meet. Palit's GeForce 7800 graphics accelerator deliver powerful, elegant graphics to drench your senses, immersing you in unparalleled worlds of visual effects for the ultimate PC experience.

Core clock - 325 MHz

256-Bit Memory Interface with Advanced Memory Control

128MB / 256MB support

Microsoft. DirectX. 9.1 support(DX9.1) pixel shaders 2.0+

Microsoft. DirectX. 9.1 support(DX9.1) vertex shaders 2.0+

OpenGL. 2.0 Optimizations and Support

NVIDIA. CineFX 3.0 engine

NVIDIA. UltraShadow II technology

NVIDIA. Intellisample 3.0 technology

NVIDIA. Forceware unified software environment (USE)

NVIDIA. Unified Driver Architecture (UDA)

NVIDIA. nView multi-display technology

NVIDIA. Digital Vibrance Control 3.0 (DVC)

128-bit studio-precision color

64-Bit Texture Filtering and Blending

Superscalar 16-Pipe GPU Architecture

On-Chip Video Processor

128-Bit Studio-Precision Computation

Full-Speed 32-Bit Color Precision

Full MPEG Support

Advanced Adaptive De-Interlacing

Video Scaling and Filtering

Integrated TV Encoder

Dual 400MHz RAMDACs

0.13 Micron Process Technology
Model Number
Nvidia VGA Card Geforce 7800 PC
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