Sell Nylon, Resin PA1212 PA610 PA612

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I am ever from china and worked for SHANDONG DONGCHEN ENGINEERING PLASTIC CO. , LTD. Our factory is chinas first enterprise specializing in synthesis, modification development and sales of long carton chain nylon 1212, and synthesis of nylon 612 and resin 610.
By the way, the nylon 1212 developed by our reseach and development (R&D) department. The nylon 1212 has been rated to meet PA11 and PA12 standards. Some of the performance are better than PA11 and PA12.
The application and character:
Lowest moisture absorption among nylon products, good stability of measurement, oil resistance, alkali-resistance. non-toxicity. Good tenacity under lower temperature. It can be used to extrude, injection, blow moulding or can be made into powder for spray painting. The PA1212 soft pipe that made from it have better toughness, high strength, good low-temperature resistance, lesser molding shrink ratio, good in-process moulding. It is mainly used as the material for brake pipes, oil pipes, threading pipes and flexible pipes for air-conditioners as well as other applications requiring resistance to low temperature and high tenacity. It can be a substitute for PA11 and PA12.