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Nylon Zippers

The material of nylon zipper is strong and endures heavy load. Also, the clutching teeth formation of zipper is whirling style which it has the flexibility, it matches the tape and color of teeth and it is very soft and tender.
Nylon zipper has the fantastic merit and it is used widely on child's wear, dress, women's wears, trousers, jackets, and non-clothes like bags, furniture, seat for auto-mobile, tent, ect. Also nylon zipper has 1,000 kinds of basic colors and fulfills the needs of our customers,
Logo tape is designed with trade mark of customers and is supplied according to the needs of our customers, so , it makes trade mark more and more conspicuous.
The size of nylon zipper: #2, #3, #4, #5, #7, #8, #9, #10. In addition to nylon standard tape, we also supplied lace tape, silver tape, golden tape. There are many nylon teeth colors, such as plated silver, plated golden, plated antique-brass, plated antique-nickel, plated dark nickel, plated antique-copper, plated multicolor and transparent teeth.

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