Sell Nylon mesh - 3 (Six-shaped flash Nylon mesh)

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Model No:
CF-MN0003(Nylon mesh (Six-shaped flash N mesh) -3)
100% nylon
1) It can be used for cloth/garment.
2) It can be used for embroidery
100% cotton mesh that has water diffusion
property and with embroidery it is very few
in the market and beautiful , It is suitable
for garment or women dress purpose .
3) It can flock on the fabric
Any content of fibers(nylon/polyester/tricot
/cotton/spandex ) can flocking on fibers that
is similar with solid and different print or
embroidery of fibers . even can add some
metallic powder on fiber let it is twinkling
. It is suitable garment / women dress /