Buy Nylon rope

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Dear Sir,

We need Nylon rope for onward supply to a Naval organization. Specification details of the required Nylon rope is as under:

Rope nylon , Howserlaid, Z lay, 3 strand, Circumference 3/4" dia 6 mm, Length per coil 120 fathoms, as per BSEN 696 of 9095 Table -1 .

Please note that OEM certificate of confirmity in orginal and Loyds test certificate in original are required to be supplied alongwith the supply of Nylon rlope.

The needed quantitiy is 33,000 fathoms.

In view of the above you are reqeusted to please quote your best C&F Karachi price, mentioning deliery time on getting L/C in your favour and other delivery terms, if any.

We look forward to hear from you soon and supply you additional inforamtion you may ask for.

Best regards,
Khurshid Alam