Sell O SHAPE parking lock

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Parking Lock and Position Lock was used to protect your parking space by standing guard while you and your vehicle are away. You can feel at ease that no vehicle can park in your space and inconvenience you.
500x600x80mm 500x600x380mm remote-control unit;
Expansible Bolts;
Charger; Key

Used for Locking the parking position to protect private parking position from the other car parking
This machine has to be subjected to outside dint especially to sprung and report to the police function automatically, the machine can also work normally after using subjected to the collision, not late damaged.

Originally on board rise to meet obstacle in the process can reply automatically, can avoid hurting car bedrock effectively because the mistake operates.

This machine tool has a double to guard against theft function: The gearing bore of machine all carried out the oneself of machine to guard against theft in the machine inner part; The car gets into a car to rise this machine, then carrying out function to the guarding against theft of car.