Sell O2-riched molecular sieve for PSA

O2-riched molecular sieve for PSA You May Also Be Interested In: 5a molecular sieve molecular sieve for psa
Chemical Formula:4/5CaO71/5Na2O7Al2O372SiO2
Si/Al ratio:SiO2/Al2O3=2
Pore diameter:About5A
Use: Application as 5A-molecular sieve, mainly for the production of O2 by PSA.

Technical parameter(2 types) :
Amount of adsorption:both above 10mlN2/g
N2/O2 separation factor:both below 3.0mlN2/Mo2
Bulk density:both above 0.67g/ml
Strength:above 30N
Abrasion:both below 0.2%wt
Production of N2:above 20NL/kg7h; above 40NL/kg7h
O2 content:both 91%-95%
Water content:both below 1.0%wt

Room temperature, humidity below 90%, non-expose to air; non-contact with water, acid and alkali.

25kg (10 gallon) sealed in ferreous cask
150kg (55 gallon) sealed in ferreous cask
Supply Capacity
4000MT Per Year