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Ozone therapy, natural oxygen supplement detoxification product, colon cleansing, health disorders, free radicals, immune system, research shows them throughout twentieth century, mostly Europe other countries.

Ozone therapy with activated oxygen has beneficial effects every human body part. Some effects include: bacterial, fungal, mold, viral, yeast infection inactivation, oxygen metabolism stimulation.

Any statements concerning ozone and oxygen should not be taken as health claims; they are mentioned for educational purposes only. Ozone therapy applications should only be preformed by trained medical professionals or doctors. Check with your physician as well and your local legal authority before embarking on any alternative practice.

The Shizuoka Agricultural Society in Japan conducted experiments with their members who suffer from the illness listed below, 30 subjects were used for each illness. As the results are excellent, the society strongly recommends all members to use ultrasonic ozone bubble home spa to maintain good health.

15 minutes is equal to:
*1 Hour of Professional Massage
*3 to 5 km of Jogging
*Burns off 300 - 400 Calories
*Improves Blood Circulation
*Releases Ahrthritis, Neuralgia and Backaches
Brand Name
Available Colors
50X36X31 cm
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
45 days
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FOB Taichung
Warranty Coverage
12 months
8.5 kgs (w/ box)