Sell OCR/BCR Engines for Handheld Devices

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* Software Features

1. Quickly recognize and save contacts info in business cards automatically by taking photos with the camera of Mobile Phone

2. Super multilingual OCR/BCR engines with fast speed

3. Easy name card image retrieval and Convenient contacts info research

* Cooperating method

1. Hotcard supply the OCR/BCR engines, With the UI designed by Clients

2. Hotcard could make suggestion for the UI design

* Requirement for hardware

Camera lens:

CMOS/CCD camera with Minimum 1.3M pixels ;

Macro shooting distance:10-12cm / auto focus function

* Other requirements:

CPU: 104MHZ above
200MHZ CPU speed: 7 seconds per card (for 200MHZ CPU)

Minimum RAM (1.3M pixels Image) : 1M bytes

Recommended RAM (1.3M pixels Image) : 1.6M bytes

Minimum ROM: 2.5M (European) , 4.5M(Chinese or Japanese)

Recommended ROM: 3M (European) , 6M (Chinese or Japanese)

* Characters Supported:

All characters for European languages, 6000+ characters for Chinese or Japanese

* Languages/Fonts Supported:

Major fonts for English, German, French, Italian, Spanish , Portuguese, Russian, Chinese and Japanese languages