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Fat-absorbing Formula Slimming Point Patch is meticulously made from refined natural herbal ingredients mainly including Hawthorn, danshen root, root of multijugate sweetvetch and loquat leaf. Stick the patch to the plantar Yong Quan point or navel part, the natural ingredients will enter into human body, helping decompose and burn the fat. Then through absorption of the point, the metabolic wastes (waste oil, waste liquid) will be extracted into the powder bag. According to traditional Chinese medical theory, this product can obviously slim your shape and nurse health with the main functions including nourishing the spleen to reinforce qi, dispelling phlegm to eliminate dampness, soothing liver to regulating qi and the auxiliary functions including promoting digestion and accelerating decomposition of fat sediments in waist, belly and hips. Meanwhile, the patch has healthcare effects of speeding up blood circulation, eliminating toxicant, nourishing skin, dredging the meridian passage, improving microcirculation.
Hawthorn fruit , Danshen root, root of Muljugate Sweetvetch, loquat leaf, powder of bamboo liquid, combination of absorbing fat herb, etc.
1. The obese people especially those who have a descending belly and those who want a slim figure.
2. The sub healthy group who are troubled by insomnia and constipation.
3. The people whose skin is gray and lack of luster and those who are full of furrow or acne.
1. Foot Application:
Wash your feet before sleep and apply the slimming patch to the upper part of your foot for 10-12 hours. Remove it and clean your foot the next morning.
2. Navel Application:
Apply the patch to the navel part in the morning for 24-36 hours and use it again after every 12-24 hours.
3. Application Steps:
(1) Take out the adhesive sheet and powder bag.
(2) Open the adhesive sheet and place the print side of the powder bag on the center of the sheet.
(3) Stick the adhesive sheet and the powder bag together to the foot points or navel parts.
1. For people whose weigh index is below 25, the patch should be used once for every 3 days.
2. For people whose weigh index is above 25, the patch should be used once a day and 10 days is a circle, with the patch be placed either on both the two feet or on a foot and navel part together.
1. If your weigh loses 1 kg or more within a day, please use it tertian.
2. Its common that some people may excrete oil accompanied by a foul smell after using this product.
3. Using the patch may increase your appetite, so please pay attention to control your appetite.
4. The waste oil absorbed from the body may flow out if the amount is too large. So please dont let it contaminate your cloth.
5. Dont apply the patch over eyes and broken skin.
6. Babies, pregnant women and weak people are forbidden.
7. Not edible.
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