Sell OEM For Precision Metal Parts and Components

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Precision parts and components for the following industries: (1) Automobile, (2) Computer hard disk, (3) Telecommunication, (4) Fiber Optical communication, (5) Sensors, (6) Valves, (7) Medical instruments , (8) Electrode and etc.
Our preferred materials are Stainless steel , Carbon steel , Brass , Aluminum alloy, Tungsten-Copper Alloy(W-Cu) and Die-cast and Investment cast parts of varies materials.

Machines and Equipment.
Now have over 500 machines, advanced productions lines and labs, which includes: 100 Machine centers, 300 CNC lathes, 25 Double-disk grinders, 12 Wire-cutting machines, Automatic cleaning lines, Acid etching lines, Class 100 cleaning room.
We view quality as most important and are equipped with most advanced inspection instruments, such as 2D CMMs, 3D CMMs, Contour testers, Projectors Roundness testers, Optical flatness testers, Hole gages, Air gages and so on. We have also adopted real time SPC systems in our quality control systems.