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OEM Bamboo Liquid Refined Patch
Bamboo liquid patch, which is composed of natural minerals and herbs, is a kind of purely natural product conducing to expel toxins, nourish skin and nurse health. After being applied to plantar points or reflex area, the patch will release many salutary activated substances and absorb the daily metabolic wastes, toxins, extra oil lodged in human body over years. The synergistic effect of point detoxification, far-infrared ray and natural herbs enhance health nursing functions of the patch including cleansing organism, dredging the meridian passage, refreshing body & spirit.
The patch should be used for at least 8 hours everyday. Large amount of metabolic wastes, extra oil and toxins extracted from the body will make the powder bag become stick and brown-colored accompanied by a foul smell. With continual use, the color will become more and more light, which is a normal phenomenon of organism cleansing.
Refined bamboo liquid powder, chitin, tourmaline, refined minerals, loquat, vitamin C
Safflower, refined pearl powder
(1) People who have a good taste and attach great importance to health.
(2) Especially suitable to people who suffer from chronic tiredness, soreness of the waist and leg pain, insomnia, rheumatic pains, constipation, dim skin, herpes and acne etc.
Stick the patch to plantar reflex area or other affected parts according to individual requirement. In order to give full play to its detoxifying and regulating functions, the patch should be used for 8-10 hours per day. The detoxification effect of the patch will be significantly enhanced if you used it after a hot bath or foot massage before sleep. (For more details, please consult the point map and using steps in the box. )
Baby and pregnant woman are forbidden.
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