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It produces approximately 50,000 barrels per day.
2. ) It is in operation now and does not have any EPA environmental citations or issues against it at this time. The Refinery is in excellent condition.
3. ) It is currently in production and the new owners will be able to operate it at the current location.
4. ) Included in the purchase is a tank farm and acreage sufficient to handle the current production and storage requirements. It has enough land available to add additional Refinery capacity.
5. ) It is located in the United States in the Gulf Coast region and has dock facilities to handle four barges or an ocean tanker of approximately 750,000 to 800,000 barrel capacity.
6. ) It has a major pipeline hookup with Colonial pipeline to ship the finished product out.
7. ) We understand the selling price is around US $150 million.
8. ) In addition to the selling price, we will pay for the inventory on hand at the time of sale. It is our understanding that the Refinery has around 2 million barrels of storage capacity, which includes crude and finished products.