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Olivos was founded by SMS Group which has been experienced by food processing business in Turkey and Far Eastern countries for about 25 years. The Olivos plant was built in the western part of Anatolia, the Aegean Region, in order to present the wealth of this antique land.
Olivos manufactures all types of olive oil such as Organic Extra Virgin, Extra Virgin, Virgin, Pure, Extra Light Olive Oil and Olive Pomace Oil at her ultra modern plants in Turkey and exports to all over the world. She is managed by an experienced stuff of Turkish and Far Eastern origins.
Today Olivos exports her products to more than 30 countries including some major markets such as; USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Italy, Spain, Norway and Brazil, etc
Olivos ultra modern plant was built over an area of 7500 sqm at AOSB region, Izmir. The Manufacturing Plant is divided into five main parts:
7 Tank Park has 25 chrome tanks in capacity of approx. 600 tons and 2 large tanks in capacity of 500 tons for the crude olive oil.
7 Laboratory : Most advanced technological laboratory certified by the state authorities as well as the International Olive Oil Council.
7 The Filling Line for the bottles (bottling) : This line is a full automatic filling, stickering, plastic and metal capping unit in daily capacity of 50 tons.
7 The Filling Line for the tins : This line is another full automatic line for filling the tins in daily capacity of 50 tons.
7 The Filling Line for the drums : This line is for filling the drums. The daily capacity is 90 tons.
The total filling capacity is 190 tons per day.
Olivos has been founded to utilize the natural wealth of the Mediterranean Olive Oil and then to share this wealth with many other people living in all over the world. For this aim Olivos has established a large organization to collect the best types of natural olives and then to transport them at the same date to her contracted crushing plants to provide the best type of olive oil. Olivos has already founded 5 Pick-up Centres throughout the Mediterranean Region in Turkey. By this system Olivos is capable to serve the best type of olive oil to you directly from the farming. Olivos is proud of only having these Olive Pick-up Centers in Turkey.
Olivos can serve all types of oils to you in various types of packaging such as; 250 Ml. to 5000 Ml. in plastic bottles and jars; 250 Ml. to 1000 Ml. in glass bottles and 175 Ml. to 18000 Ml. in tins as well as in 190 Kg drums and in flexi tanks of 21 Ton.
Olivos aims to introduce the best types of olive oil products to her clients in all over the world to whom they have had ever supplied from Turkey. The first principle is never to compromise on the quality. Through this aim Olivos prefers to lose money instead of losing her clients trust. Since the very beginning Olivos has invested in many fields that her other competitors have never done so. Such as Olive Pick-up Centers in 5 different Regions throughout the Mediterranean Region in Turkey. Throughout these centers she has the capability of picking up the best types of fresh olives and then to crush at the same date to provide the lowest acidity and other best types of aromatic and organoleptic characteristics in olive oil. This investment of course means an additional cost to Olivos but she never thinks to lower the costs which would cause to lower the quality.
Olivos will always be ready to assure you the best quality.
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