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It has been developed to realize the original feeling of vital skin. At the moment
of spreading it, the soft feeling remains long. After spreading, it has various
reaction depending on the angle and reflection of the rays; it reflects the ray
coming at the right angle, but absorbs the rays coming from sides so as to make
the protruded part bright and the dent dark, giving a cubic feeling and making
the face smaller.

Real prism is a new mechanism granted to all lines of Adellium base makeup. It contains
scattered reflection particles which highlights Adellium base makeup. The
moment the rays contact the skin, it rejects them softly, preventing the porosity,
coarse skin, and fine crimples from appearing. It protects the skin from a variety
of outside elements and keeps the skin clean for a long time.
Real prism is a new mechanism granted to all lines of Adellium base makeup, and plays
the role of highlighting Adellium base makeup.

Features of Adellium Real Prism Baseline

1. Skin Types
For fat or medium skin, oil-free products of neat feeling are prescribed while for
dry skin the moisture lock is prescribed to maintain moist for a long time.

2. Use Pattern
The products are divided depending on the use patterns so that consumers may select
any type they want; transparent, natural, or perfect coverage.

3. Non-Age
It destroys the age grouping. Not limited to a particular age group, it may be used
by any age groups. The soft feeling like silk makes the beautifulness of skin
even brighter.

4. Safe
All the products have passed skin test. These are free from stimulus and burden to
the skin. All products contain vegetable color ants, not bringing about skin coloring
or trouble.
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