Sell OMPCM30 PCM Multiplexer

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OMPCM30 is a type of standard, realizes the integrated access of various operations, such as 30 video channels or date into one 2M digital signal interface. E1 interface compatible with ITU-T G.703. It can be applicable for connecting to the E1 channel of SDH, PDH, satellite, speeding frequency, and digital microwave. The E1 interface can directly change to optical interface, then it can work without PDH, which can be connected with fiber to complete the transmission of 30 channels of analog signals to the remote.

The equipment is 19 inches(1U) in height. The sub-frame of the equipment and the front panel are connected by the magnetic
claspers. The design makes easy the unfolding of the equipment. All of the unit cards in the equipment can be hot swapped and replaced, maintenance, capacity extension and upgrading of the equipment is simple process.

All the unit cards have alarm indicators and alarm logic circuit which can indicate all of the faults. If only the indicator is bright that indicate the card works normally. The indicator can be displayed through the panel membrane. The equipment adopts closed connector
for various operations. For example, the telephone wire, 2/4 wire EM, RS232 and 10/100Base_T Ethernet interfaces are all RJ45 connectors. E1 uses BNC connector and FC module can be used optic interface.

Power supply can either DC -48V or AC 220V which have their independent Progressive Line Terminal and switch. Two independent power module inside the equipment so that the power can be worked with 1+1 protection. The OMPCM30 is able to work in pairs and connect with other PCM30 equipment which made by other manufacturers. Because there are various of selection switches, the demand for clock, frame structure or the position of the signaling bits is able to be set then it can be compatible with the remote one.

The special feature of the equipment is that it is possible to connect with the Program-controlled switchboards to realize picking numbers, it is more convenient than by analog interface. Because the Program-controlled switchboards will cost too much project connection and save plate of the program-controlled switchboards. The investment can be also save double. It needn't set a PCM30 at the Program-controlled switchboards. No only connecting with Harris and Siemens, but also with Ericsson, however, for most PCM, it can't achieve. It is decided if there is signal process ability in the PCM30.

The network management of OMPCM30 is directly connected to the PC or COM interface, The SABIT of the TS0 slot idle BIT in the E1 is adopted to realize the network information of the remote, that is to say, it is not necessary to use other transmission of channel.