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Optical Mark Reader is a high-tech data input computer peripheral that integrates optical, mechanical and electrical technology. It solves the "bottleneck" of data input. It releases human from the heavy work of keyboard input. Omr reads thousands of information per second and nearly no error. It is much more advanced than manpower.
OMR is named Examination Papers Scoring Machine, which is well used and appreciated in standard examinations. Now it has gone into many fields, such as Education, Election, Census, Hygiene, Taxation, etc.
Now NANHAo Group has developed 13series 36types including:41FB,48FB+,41FD,48FD+,41FBS,48FBS+,41FSD,41FSD+, etc. It adopts the advanced DSP chins. Its reading speed is vert high which can reach 3pages per second based on A4 paper. It is easy to carry. Our OMR is famous for a stable performance and a competitive price.
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