Sell OMT240K Optical Multiplexer

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The multiplexer with SDH technology which has double-fiber self-healing ring, double
interfaces, 16 E1 tributary signals. Terminal multiplexing mode, add/drop multiplexing
mode and delay transmission mode. The same circuit with 240D and take the place of it.

Multiplexing 17 stations at the most to form the ring. Add/drop of multiple tributaries at
any station in the net.

All of the service unit cards can be hot-plugged and combination randomly which has
the same physics structure with FOM480. Service unit cards are in common use.
10/100Base_T Ethernet, video signal, E1, V.35 signal can be transmitted under the
communication mode double-fiber self-healing ring.

Comparing with the FOM480 this equipment has two advantages, one it has self-healing
ring, the other the price is much lower.

The 10/100Base_T Ethernet is not 100M which is 8.448M, and the optical interface
switch is not 0ms.

OMT240K is widely fit for the relay transmission of several channels of 10/100Base_T
Ethernet with double-fiber self-healing ring