ON LINE UPS 3B SERIES(10-50KVA) You May Also Be Interested In: data process line ups monitor software on line ups ups
1) Three-phase input / mono-phase output
2) Online double conversion technology
3) Automatic static by pass
4) Microprocessor control
5) LCD front panel display
6) Remote control management
7) RS 485 series interfaces for communications
8) DC start
9) Power range: 10  50kVA
10) Work mode: three-phase input/single-phase output, double conversion,
intelligent on-line
11) Applications: data process centers, host computer systems, manufacture
industries, telecom equipment

1) Complete power protection from an online double conversion design incorporating an automatic static bypass for overload and fault conditions
2) Low running costs with a high operating efficiency
3) Wide input voltage range to minimize battery consumption to extend battery life
4) Full microprocessor managements:comprehensive check-up and UPS data management, ensure there is no disturbance to inferior load when the switch is between power supply by bypass and power supply by inverter
5) While the UPS is fault, the microprocessor sends out a signal, changes to the bypass and supplies with the power supply uninterruptedly, and provides sound and light alarms.
6) Advanced automatic change and charge technology of constant current and voltage, activates the batteries furthest, together with strong charging current and expansion pile without adscititious charger
7) LCD checks up the data in the whole procedure: displays the state of UPS, sets up some parameters of UPS on the panel, and feedbacks all signals checked up by the microprocessor
8) Powerful overload ability: 125% load is 10min and 150% load is 1min
9) Intelligent temperature control fans, reduced noise, RS232 ports, intelligent monitor software
10) Various operating positions can be changed to contact surface signal and output
11) Control tele-switch and battery testing online
12) RS485 ports can be supplied with tele-monitoring panels extended to 1,200m (optional)
13) Manual maintenance bypass SWMB, online service achieved
14) Automatic fault check-up system: checks up fault of UPS automatically, and can be displayed on LCD straight, to help service staff remove fault expediently and fleetly
15) Perfect protection functions: the protection of AC input overvoltage / undervoltage; the protection of output overvoltage / undervoltage; the protection of overload output, short, inverter and rectifier overtemperature, and battery overcharge
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