Sell OP-16E1+RS232 PDH mux

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16E1+RS232 PDH (Winyuan Technology)

product function:
Transfer 16 E1 and RS232 signal through fiber.

product character:
(1) High integrate design, work stabile, very low failure rate.
(2) E1 port use digital clock resume circuit and digital phase-lock circuit.
(3) Voltage can select -48V/220V, provide over-voltage and over-current protection, have high electromagnetism shield capability.
(4) Jitter tolerance much better than GB.
(5) Monitor remote equipment through fiber inter-band channel, display remote status on panel LED.
(6) Provide function of 16 E1 remote loop, and 1 interface of phone.
(7) Network manager interface use SNMP.
(8) Two types:Standalone, desktop, 19inch; Card, usually be inserted in our rack 19 inch.

optical interface parameter:
optical wavelength: 850,1310,1550nm (optional) .
optical interface: SC, FC, ST(optional) .
transceiver module: > -6dBm
optical receiver sensitivity: <-36(BER<10)
receive range: >-30dB
transmission coding: 4B5B
transmission distance: multi-mode 2 Km, single-mode 40 Km, single-mode 80 Km, single-mode 120 Km.

E1 interface parameter:
Interface Rate: 2.048Mbps+-50ppm
Coding: HDB3
Interface standard: ITU-T G.703
interface Impedance : 75(Ohms) (unbalance) and 120(Ohms) (balance) .
interface character: support rack (19 inch, 6u high) up to 24 directions.
interface: BNC, RJ45
Jitter tolerance : according with G.742 and G.823.
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