Sell OP-4E1*Eth*30VO FXS/FXO POTS optical multiplexer

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Voice Optical Multiplexer

4E1+10/100M+15FXS/FXO to fiber
4E1+10/100M+30FXS/FXO to fiber

OP-4E1*ETH*nVO transfer 4E1, 1 10/100M Ethernet as well as 15 or 30 telephones FXS/FXO signals over fiber optical.

OP-4E1*ETH*nVO Voice Optical Multiplexer is an optical transmission equipment realizing long-distance voice transmission through fiber. This equipment uses design of ultra large scale integrated circuit, and its outward appearance is succinct. The merits include easy installation and debugging, unnecessary for maintenance and steady performance. It is suitable in business for communication operator, government and kinds of entities with less investment.

OP-4E1*ETH*nVO can provide 1-15 channels, or 1-30 channels telephone through optical fiber, the network application is point-to-point, supporting FXO/FXS. It has solved telephone transmission problem of edge customers.

This equipment works stable and reliable and has good performance such as low power consumption, high integration rate, small volume and easy for installation and maintenance.

Technical parameters

1. G703 Interface
a) rate: 2.048Mbit/s150ppm
b) code type: HDB3 code
c) impedance: 75(Ohms) (unbalance)
d) interface character: Meeting with such standards as G.703 and G.704, etc.
e) connectors: Q9 (75(Ohms) )
f) frame structure: transparent frame transmission structure

2. Ethernet Interface
10M/100M self-adaptive

3. Telephone Interface
a) At most, 30 channels of telephones can be used at the same time
b) All of the 30 channels of telephones support reversed polarity charging function and call screening function

4. Optical Fiber Interface
a) Interface types: FC/SC, single/multiple mode, single/dual fiber optional
b) Transmission distance: 10/30/50 kilometers optional
c) Lightening power: >=-8dBm
d) Receive sensitivity: <=-36dBm

5. Power supply:
DC -48V:-36 VDC ~ - 72 VDC
Power consumption: <30W

6. Operating condition:
temperature-400~ +700
No corrosive and dissolvent gas, no dust, no strong magnetic field interference.

7. Equipment dimension:
42.8cmW21.6cmW4.8cm (can be mounted on 19 inch standard cabinet)
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