OP-SKIMMER, THE OIL SPILL, DEBRIS COLLECTING & FIRE FIGHTING VESSEL You May Also Be Interested In: debris depth finder fire fighting pontoons skimmer

We hereby take the opportunity to introduce and offer a Norwegian invented and manufactured Oil Spill Skimming, Garbage Collecting & Fire Fighting Vessel.
12 minutes videotape/DVD showing the Skimmer in operation is available on request.

General Information

In 1994, 120 tons of heavy fuel leaked out from a Norwegian ship in the harbor of Kristiansand in Norway. A prototype of the Skimmer had just been built, and the Skimmer was immediately put into operation, and performed excellent. This operation will be shown in the 12 minutes videotape/DVD.

The Skimmer is easy to operate and maintain. For regular daily clean up operations, only one crew is needed, but in case of a major spill, one or two more crew will be needed.

The Skimmer is the ideal tool for environmental cleaning of harbors, shorelines, lakes and rivers.

Sea Trade Award 2001 was presented to Rasmussen Enterprise AS (OP-Skimmer) for highly commended contribution to Countering Marine & Atmosphere Pollution, at the Sea Trade Awards Ceremony Dinner in Guildhall, London, April 9th, 2001.


Technical Specification - Standard Equipment

Length: 9,10 meter  (8 m when transport by 40 open top ct. )

Width without pontoons: 2,28 meter  (When transported by 40 open top ct. )

Width with pontoons: 3,88 meter.

Height: 0,80 meter over water level when operating. 2,9 m with pilothouse.

Weight: 7,5 tons approximately.

Hull material: Sea water resistant aluminum.

Tank volume: 2,20 m wide x 5,00 m long x 1,35 m deep: Approx. 15 m3.

Draft: 1,35 m when operating, approx. 0,50 m when empty.

Engine: Perkins 6 cyl. Diesel 178 HP. Other types available.

Hydraulic capacity: Variable hydraulic pump; max 370 l/min @ 200 bar.
Other types available.

Thrusters, all hydraulic operated: Rear, 2 main thrusters. Front, one side trustier. Rear, one side trustier.

OP-Skimmer unit: 2,2 m by 3 mm slot. Hydraulically adjustable angle and vertical position of the unit.

OP-Skimmer unit pump: Mapex centrifugal pump, hydraulically operated, variable
delivery up to 200 m3 per hrs, normally 40 m3 per hrs.

Main pump,
hydraulically operated: Vogelsang 186Q Type 130, 144 m3 per hrs, 10 bar rotary
piston pump, twin motor operated.

In/out connections, main pump: Manifold for firefighting equipment connections.
Spill suction from vessel tank.
External suction connection.
External pressure side connection.

Hydraulic outlet: Up to 370 m3 per hrs. @ 200 bar

7 Pilothouse in sea water resistant aluminum, heated. Electrical connections. 7 VHF/UHF radio7 Depth finder 7 Crane, 6,4 m outreach e. g. 2,5 tm /max 840 kg. 7 Garbage net7 Beck plates

Kind regards,

Kurt H Anderson