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OPS window film

1. Ops window envelope film (environmental protection type)
ops Yaguang membrane, has a good quite sexual, non-static, not, will not affect the laser head and scanning devices to work
Some letters from abroad have ID, required under the laser scanning, laser scanning can not be an ordinary film.
Although the ops membrane envelope membrane expensive than PET, but the same length of the two films, PET film than the film ops re-doubled,
Average down the cost of the two films are the same, ops membrane with better
OPS thin membrane is the most suitable use for the envelope window film thin, a very perfect read rates, can improve efficiency, thereby creating economic benefits. Whether it is an envelope manufacturer, bulk mail, the mail sorting business, postal operators, OPS film can bring you better work efficiency and economic benefits.
OPS thin membrane advantages:
- Has a very good anti-static ability.
- The smoothness of a good film, the production process in an envelope will rarely produce a result of thin film and mechanical standstill.
- Film slitting good, with high-intensity endurance, meanwhile horizontally easily torn, very suitable for the production of high-speed operation of the envelope.
- Low-cost, in China and Japan are using the standard 25um thickness, and other companies produced OPS Materials 27um, 29um, compared the cost of a cheap film envelopes 8% ~ 16%.