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The products of CCD and CMOS photon sensor parts, is used the way of noncontinuity to receive the image, so when screens with some thin line, there will produce some otiose noise. Optical Low Pass Filter (OLPF) is had the function to eliminate this noise. Different thin line direction should use the rightness OLPF to remove. Also for the different model number of CCD, CMOS photon sensor parts have some differences on the specification, for compromise the different model number and the low pass effect, so it need to be used various dissimilarity incise angle (such as 450, 00, 900 and WPL) , and design a combination of low pass filter which contain layer, thickness and IR CUT, then we can clean the noise which bring form screen.
When we use the CCD, CMOS photon sensor parts to screen color scenery, because for color, the response of CCD, CMOS is different from peoples eye, so we should eliminate infrared which photon sensor parts can sense but peoples eye cant, at the same time adjust its reaction for color in the visible light scope, and to make the color of the image accord with peoples eyes felling. So we do IR (AR) coating (interference type) on the OLPFs surface or put the OLPF go with a glass (absorb type) first, then to use them. Because refractive index of quartz is different from air, so it will bring glint on the interface then lower incident lights strength. In order to lower reflective loss, on the other side of the OLPF do a reflective coating to advance the airs transmittance, and raise quality of image.
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